OnePAD Website Redesign

The original OnePAD website was thrown together in Photoshop and Coda over a weekend and deployed as a static website on Amazon S3. This setup has worked exceptionally well for quite a while now. I had concerns about scaling beyond a one or two page site though, and when I came across the Middleman static site generator, converting it over it seemed like a fun project for a Saturday afternoon.

Middleman is very simliar to (based on?) Jekyll, the static site generator that powers Github pages and this blog, but it mixes in a very rails-like stack of helpers including support for multiple template languages. Being familiar with both Rails and Jekyll it was pretty easy to hit the ground running with Middleman and within a few hours I had the new site published.

Like everything else on the web, the site is far from "finished". I do think it's an improvement on the original iterations though.

"OnePAD Website Redesign" was originally published on 28 Dec 2012.