WWDC 2014

WWDC 2014 starts tomorrow and from what I've heard it's going to be a big one. Unfortunately, I didn't get a ticket this year so I'll be pining away at following along from home. I'm not too distraught, however, as I've been told that not only is Apple planning on live-streaming both the Keynote and State of the Union, they're aiming to have the session videos online the same day. I've also heard that Apple is dropping the NDA this year. If my source is correct this will mean that not only will the Apple developer community (and Apple employees) be free to discuss and write about everything Apple is going to announce almost immediately, we won't have to deal with four months of stupid [whatever]dacted jokes.

The Keynote is being broadcast as an "Apple Event" so that should mean Apple TV support as well as a web broadcast. Here's a link to the Apple Events web page.

You'll most likely still need to be a registered developer to stream the Platforms State of the Union and ADA Awards presentation. I haven't seen an official URL announced yet but the developer videos page is probably a good place to start.

The WWDC app for iOS has also been updated for this year so be sure to download and install that if you haven't already.

Of course, I'll also be posting my thoughts and impressions both here and on Twitter so please feel free to follow along and join in the discussion.

Update: Ole Begemann reviewed the language in the new developer agreements and it looks like the NDA is still in place but the specifics have changed:

Further, Apple agrees that You will not be bound by the foregoing confidentiality terms with regard to technical information about pre-release Apple Software and services disclosed by Apple at WWDC (Appleā€™s Worldwide Developers Conference), except that You may not post screen shots, write public reviews or redistribute any pre-release Apple Software or services.

So I guess I can write about anything they show at WWDC as long as I don't offer an opinion on it?

"WWDC 2014" was originally published on 01 Jun 2014.